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Test audio

Low Cost Flat Profile Microphone - You can spend a thousand or you can spend a lot less. For all intents and purposes you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who could tell by listening HOW you aligned your system - but they'll definitely notice how good it sounds. A Flat Mic takes the guesswork out of aligning and testing your system and, when used with a spectrum analyzer, can quickly diagnose audio problems.
What's in it for you? Lower cost, free access to all our test tones, our spectrum analyzer software, and, what you've really come for, - A Great Sounding System!
At the center of any audio alignment job is a good 'ear'. This ear is usually a flat response microphone and an audio spectrum analyzer. offers a low cost alternative to both.
How To Buy The Flat Mic. Order the flat mic, kit or complete, and get FREE 30 day access to our downloadable files and software ( an $18 value ).
Buy Complete Mic - You'll get a fully assembled and tested flat mic along with spectrum analyzer software on cd, BIN FFT test tones on CD, and 30 days membership to our site to download all our test tones.
Buy DIY Mic Kit - Kit contains the mic housing , one mic capsule, spectrum analyzer software on cd, BIN FFT test tones on CD, instructions, and 30 days membership to our site to download all our test tones. YOU put it together. Requires soldering iron and soldering skills.
Buy Extra Mic Capsules - For the ultimate do it yourselfer. This is the mic capsule only - does not include software, instructions, or membership.
Our microphone offers one of the flatest response curves in the industry. This is due to the carefully selected element used. Here's the typical response curve of a normal pc microphone:

Here's our modified microphone:

As you can see our mic is superior and shows only a small deviation in the 8khz range which is typically less then 3db - a margin of audio error that most humans can not perceive.
We offer our flat mic as a complete ready to go flat mic or as a "do it yourself" kit for those of you looking to save a few bucks. The kit requires some soldering and takes only a few minutes to complete.


For those choosing the KIT version we're including the instructions on this page. Complete assembly should take less than 30 minutes.
Unmodified Mic: On the left is the mic housing we've selected. We chose this model because it's very easy to open the end and replace the existing capsule. The image on the right shows 3 capsules. Your kit contains 1 capsule.

Disassemble the microphone: There's a small cap on the end of this mic that is not glued so it's easy to pop off using a small screwdriver, a knife, etc. Once the cap is removed you can pop the old element out. Be careful not to rip the wires apart - there's not much room here and what's shown below is about all the wire you have to play with.

Replace the mic capsule: Here I've placed the mic in a vise. This is not necessary but makes the job very easy. You'll see 2 wires attached the the mic. The blue lead is ground and the green is signal. De-solder the old mic element and discard.

Now solder in the new element. You'll need to look closely at the element to see which solder tab is ground. One tab (ground) has a small trace connecting in to the mic casing and the other (signal) does not. You'll want to solder the blue wire to the ground tab of the mic element. I've placed the element in the vise to make soldering easier.

Reassemble the microphone. Push the element into the housing ( make sure the black front of the mic element faces front) and pop the cap back on. You're now ready to use your new flat mic and align your system.

The product is an Electret condenser microphone intended for operation with a pc sound card. Non supported configurations may require additional hardward. Please refer to your product's technical manual for details.

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