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The name John Lennon brings several things to mind. Peace, Love, and hands-on training for tomorrow’s artists and leaders.

Lennon Bus_Exterior View_01 eNewsBlog.jpg

Okay, you might not immediately think of that last one, but it is certainly true. The brand-new John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a marvel of mobile recording, and Mackie is proud to be a lead sponsor.

This rolling studio has everything needed (including a load of Mackie gear) to produce world-class recordings and videos, as well as a performance stage with a killer Mackie PA system.

Lennon Bus_Mackie PA_eNewsBlog.jpg

The Bus features SA1532z’s andSWA2801z’s for the main PA, with a whole bunch of SRM450’s for stage monitors. Also, an Onyx 3280 is being used as the main console up at FOH.

Lennon Bus_HRmkII_eNewsBlog.jpg

Inside, HR624mk2s and 824mk2s are being used in two separate 5.1 systems, allowing crystal clear, professional monitoring for any audio or video applications.

Visit to learn more about the project and see where The Bus is headed next. Peace…

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