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Digital Audio Processor with 3D Effects

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The TAS3103 is a fully configurable digital audio processor that preserves high-quality audio by using a 48-bit data path, 28-bit filter coefficients, and a single cycle 28 x 48-bit multiplier and 76-bit accumulator. Because of the coefficient-configurable fixed-program architecture of the TAS3103, a complete set of user-specific audio processing functions can be realized, with short development times, in a small, low power, low-cost device. A personal computer (PC) GUI-based software development package and a comprehensive evaluation board provide additional facilities to further reduce development times. The TAS3103 uses 1.8-V core logic with 3.3-V I/O buffers, and requires only 3.3-V power. The TAS3103 is available in a 38-pin TSSOP package.
  • Audio Input/Output
    • Four Serial Audio Input Channels
    • Three Serial Audio Output Channels
    • 8-kHz to 96-kHz Sample Rates Supported
    • 15 Stereo/TDM Data Formats Supported
    • Input/Output Data Format Selections Independent
    • 16-, 18-, 20-, 24-, and 32-Bit Word Sizes Supported
  • Serial Master/Slave I2C Control Channel
  • Three Independent Monaural Processing Channels
    • Programmable Four Stereo Input Digital Mixer
    • 3D Effect and Reverb Structure and Filters
    • Programmable 12 Band Digital Parametric EQ
    • Programmable Digital Bass and Treble Controls
    • Programmable Digital Soft Volume Control (24 dB to —dB)
    • Soft Mute/Unmute
    • Programmable Dither
    • Programmable Loudness Compensation
    • VU Meter and Spectral Analysis I2C Output
    • Programmable Channel Delay (Up to 42 ms at 48 kHz)
    • 192-dB Dynamic Range (Supports Up to 32-Bit Audio Data)

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